10 Quick Facts On Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a new strategy to entice the curiosity of consumers with branded content about various brands. This strategy comes with a whole lot of other strategies within itself to garner audience for the same. If you’re new to Influence Marketing then here are 10 quick facts which would help you know more about the process and the agency Red Pill.

About Red Pill

Red Pill is the second best influencer marketing agency that has some of the best content developers who ensures innovative content to reach out to millions of people worldwide. This agency caters to some of the world best known brands such as coca cola, Samsung, 20th Century Fox, Bacardi, Heineken, Boss-Hugo Boss, Getty Images, Jaguar, Land rover, Volvo, Holiday Inn Express, Ronseal, Unilever. A London based influencer marketing agency Red Pill holds a lot of value in influencer marketing. Check out Red Pill Influencer Marketing London for yourself to find out more.

10 Quick Facts On Influencer Marketing

If you are looking for Influencer Marketing then these are few facts are fun to read as well as a must know – please read on.

  1. Google the trends that show the growth of influencer marketing over the years over usual marketing strategies.
  2. Instagram is a growing platform for influencer marketing for micro influencers with updated and new features introduced in the built in app.
  3. Focusing on long term ROIs and strategies have doubled the growth in influencer marketing.
  4. Influencer marketing has successfully attracted millions of customers and have surpassed organic search, paid search and email marketing.
  5. Almost 60% of brands have embraced influencer marketing allowing a click to buy feature where customers can get a trustworthy purchase.
  6. Influencer marketing being so successful that almost 84% of marketers want to launch an influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months.
  7. Customers trust these online reviews as they would trust any recommendation by their peers.
  8. There have been many cases of online purchase consequently because of influencer marketing.
  9. 70% of teenagers relate more to YouTube and other sites rather than real life stars or celebrities.
  10. As most people use add blockers, many marketers are creating sponsored and authentic influencer contents to reach out to the mass.

Red Pill Influencer Marketing London guarantees authentic, creative and highly progressive brand content to reach out to the people that connects the brand and the audience together.

Making Waves

Some more influencer marketing agencies have been making waves in London such as Yakety Yak as there has been a sharp rise in brand consciousness and the purchase of various branded materials online. The contents that has reached to the mass has instilled trust in the consumers influencing them to make a buy.