3 Decisions You Need To Make Before Blogging To Earn Money

When running a blog to earn money you’ll want a good idea of how you are going to make money from your blog. Are you going to sell advertising, market affiliate programs, produce leads for one thing you market or is your main goal to sell your blog?

This will impact the decisions you’re making in relation to what blogging platform you’ll use, whether or not you’ll buy web hosting and a distinctive domain name and just how you will promote your blog.

  1. What blogging platform will you use?

The blogging platform you use will affect your capacity to make money from blogging.

WordPress.org is considered the best blogging platform for search engine optimization purposes. However, if you’re using their free service then its against their terms of service to sell advertising or promote affiliate programs and they will simply delete your blog no questions asked.

If you’re using Blogger.com’s free service you will be able to include adsense ads on your blog and sell advertising. However, if you ever want to sell this blog your freedom will be limited.

  1. Will you pay for Web hosting and a Unique Domain name?

The reason you may consider paying for web hosting and a unique domain is that you can use wordpress.org’s blogging platform and if you ever want to sell you blog you will have much more freedom to do so.

However choosing this option is harder because a new domain name is penalised by Google and ultimately you want to get top search engine rankings.

I personally use blogger.com’s free service, however my objective is not to make money from this blog. My objective is to create a high page rank blog – this will then allow me to exchange links with some of the top blogs – their link will point to another page that is designed to make money.

  1. How will you promote your blog?

Hosting your own blog gives you many more opportunities to promote your blog. The #1 way in which you can promote your blog (that you couldn’t do if you were using a free service) is to get your blog listed in web directories.

If you want to make money blogging you will have to learn how to get top 10 rankings in the major search engines. Its easier toget top 10 rankings with a free service because these services have high page ranks and are regularly indexed by the search engine bots.

However, you have more flexibility by hosting your own blog and therefore ultimately your own blog will perform better in the search engines.

There are a few tough decisions to make, however if you really want to maximize the potential to make money from blogging then hosting your own blog is the best option. If you want to use a blog for some other service (i.e. as a bargaining tool to exchange links) then a free blogging service is the best option.