Beginners Guide For Digital Typography

If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to master the basics. In the field of digital design, typography is one of the most basic skills but a lot of designers still have trouble getting it right. Here are some tips in digital typography that can help beginners like you thanks to the professionals Outre Creative London.

.Don’t Mix More Than Two Fonts

Doing more than two will make your work look like a terrible attempt at patching up a broken vase. It’ll look inconsistent so better stick with two font families at max.

.Consider You’re Experience Before Using Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts are great, but if you use them without knowing how to make them work you’ll come off as very amateurish. Keep it simple for now until your knowledge and experience can ace the fancy fonts.

.Choose The Right Line Length

As a general rule, you shouldn’t make your text line too short or too long. Better remain within the ideal 66 character line.

.Flush Your Paragraph Left

Justifying your paragraphs seems like good to make it appear cleaner. But flushing it left and leaving the right ragged is actually a good idea if you’re not so sure about setting custom word spacing. It’s easier to read this way.

.Widows And Orphans

  • Widow – is a single word or short line at the end of a paragraph.
  • Orphan – is a widow on top of the next column or page.

Reader may not be able to tell but you should avoid widows and orphans as much as possible. Narrowing letter space or line break or changing the font size may solve this issue.

.Don’t Letter Space The Lower Case

It makes it difficult for the reader to recognise individual characters in text.

.Spell Your Numbers

Digital design is not only about creativity, it also involves aesthetics. So unless the content is about mathematical related things like equations, formulas, or percentage, spell your numbers. Your text looks more elegant if you do.